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Buy High Sell Low

Here’s some early reviews for Buy High Sell Low – Lessons and Warnings for Beginning Traders:

“Buy High Sell Low is a must-read primer for any beginning trader considering dipping a toe into the shark-infested waters of professional trading.  Buy High Sell Low dispenses with the worn-out hyperbole typically parroted by so many other beginning trader books and cuts right to the bone of what a trader must know and do before ever putting any capital at risk in the financial markets.  Should be required reading for every new trader!”

Jeff Batchelor
CEO & Founder
Zenith Capital Management, Ltd.

“… it is worth buying this book for its brutal honesty, its focus on starting from scratch with a realistic voice of reason and not an encyclopedia of technical data. It gives me practical step by step information on how to walk through the routines I need to practice to start gaining experience today.”

Nicholas Gehringer

You can purchase the Kindle version or the printed version at Amazon. You can also read the first chapter at author Jack Edward Heald’s personal website.